An open-source NordVPN Wireguard ("NordLynx") client in a few lines of shell script
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Note: I don't condone using NordVPN, it is untrustworthy like all other commercial VPN providers. I don't say no to free things though.

This script lets you connect to NordVPN servers through WireGuard using their "NordLynx" protocol.


  • jq
  • curl
  • wg-quick (wireguard-tools)

To install them on arch:

sudo pacman -S --needed jq curl wireguard-tools


git clone
cd wgnord
sudo ./

wgnord can also be installed through the AUR like so:

yay -S wgnord


Login (you only need to do this once):

sudo wgnord l "" "securepassword123"

Now you can connect to a server:

sudo wgnord c France

Note: country names are case-insensitive and grepped for, so sudo wgnord c fra would work aswell. See countries.txt for a list of available countries.

To disconnect:

sudo wgnord d

If you want to change WireGuard config parameters (MTU, DNS, etc.), simply modify /var/lib/wgnord/template.conf.


This script includes a "kill-switch" because of the way wg-quick works. Connections will typically stay alive for multiple days, but if it dies you can reconnect by running another connect command.

From time to time (weekly or so) NordVPN invalidates server credentials, which causes connections to fail. Run sudo wgnord get_credentials to load new ones.