Convert Untis timetables to iCal
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This converts the events (exams etc.) from a WebUntis class's timetable into ical files which a WebDAV server like Radicale can process. I used this before covid to automatically get exam dates planned into my phone's and pc's calendar without having to use the untis app.

It is very hacky and was done by reverse engineering the API used in the WebUntis Webinterface because none of the python APIs I found suited my needs. Surprisingly it still works after around a year without any changes.

Files are stored in the buf subdirectory named like 20210520-1545.ics, one file per event because Radicale wants it that way.

Run like python 5, where 5 denotes the month to download events for. So in application you would download the current and next month in a cronjob and serve that.


  • python-icalendar